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MicroAcoustic provides high-quality cable assemblies to optimize the performance of BAT transducers with their interface electronics



Collage photo of cables and connectors
High-quality low-noise coaxial cables should be employed for air-coupled ultrasound work, especially between transducers and first-stage interface electronics. This is particularly true for air-coupled Non-Destructive Testing of solids, where signal-to-noise ratios are inherently low due to enormous reflective losses at air/sample interfaces.

MicroAcoustic's cables are carefully constructed for mating BAT sensors to their interface electronics, and provide excellent shielding and low-noise performance. They employ low-volume connectors and light-weight cable in order to stabilize transducer alignment and improve accuracy. Gold-plated connectors are typically used at transducer ends and are available in either right angle (90) or straight form. These interface cables are purposefully kept short in order to maximize signal-strength and reduce noise, but custom cable lengths are available upon request. Strain relief is employed at all connector/cable junctions for longevity.

~ examples ~


Photograph of an MCX/BNC cable assembly available at MicroAcoustic.

MCX/BNC assembly





Photograph of a Microdot/BNC cable assembly available at MicroAcoustic.

Microdot/BNC assembly




Photograph of an SMB/SMB cable assembly available at MicroAcoustic.

SMB/SMB assembly









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