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No other gas-transducer can compare to the patented BAT® 
in terms of


... and in virtually all applications
~ bandwidth
matters !




Photograph of various BAT transducers available at MicroAcoustic.BAT® stands for Broadband Air-coupled Transducer ... and an appropriate title it is!  Like a real bat in nature, the MicroAcoustic BAT® investigates and images its surroundings using high-frequency ultrasound in air. And just as real bats have evolved with broadband hearing and vocalization systems, so too has the MicroAcoustic BAT® been designed to operate over the widest frequency range possible. 




Whether your application involves gas analysis, accurate ranging & profiling of objects, or non-contact Non-Destructive Testing through air-layers, the broadband performance of the MicroAcoustic BAT® will open up greater possibilities for you.

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* flying bat graphic by Eclipse Digital

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