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MicroAcoustic provides ultrasonic transducers and associated electronics for broadband use in gases. By relying on the patented Broadband Air-coupled Transducer or BAT®  our instrumentation enables a wide variety of new ultrasound applications in gases.


BAT®  Transducers...

  • these unique transducers efficiently generate and receive ultrasound in gases over a wide frequency bandwidth
  • the typical bandwidth of a single BAT™ extends from <40kHz to ~2.3MHz
  • applications for BAT's™  range from gas-analysis and distance sensing to non-contact inspection of solid and liquid materials through an intervening air-layer



  Collage photograph of various BAT transducers available at MicroAcoustic.


Interface Electronics...

  • special interface electronics are required to match BAT™ transducers into your current ultrasonic systems
  • MicroAcoustic has developed custom interface electronics for use with BAT™ transducers, and can help you locate compatible drive-receive circuitry for your needs



Collage photo of interface electronics products available at MicroAcoustic.


Cable Assemblies...  

  • BAT™ transducers and associated electronics benefit from the use of low-noise cables and high-quality connectors
  • MicroAcoustic offers custom coaxial cable assemblies that optimize transducer performance



Collage photo of cables and connectors

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