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  Our Purpose....

MicroAcoustic was established to fully develop broadband capacitance transducers and associated electronics for applications in the field of gas-coupled ultrasound.

  Our Commitment...

MicroAcoustic is committed to helping you develop your ultrasonic applications in gases by offering a variety of technologies, products and services. Whether your application involves non-contact inspection of solid and liquid materials through an air layer, or the development of various gas-analysis sensor systems, the extensive experience and broadband technologies of MicroAcoustic will be of significant benefit to you.

  Our Location...

MicroAcoustic is strategically located near Ottawa Ontario, the heart of Canada's high-tech telecommunication industry and the capital of Canada. Referred to as Silicon Valley North, Ottawa boasts a wide variety of unique micro-fabrication facilities and high-technology businesses established in support of telecom industries (e.g., optical networks, photonics, integrated circuits, etc.). Such an extensive network of fabrication facilities naturally lends itself to MicroAcoustic's development of microfabricated transducer technologies and associated electronics.

  Our History...

MicroAcoustic grew out of the doctoral research of Dr. David W. Schindel at Queen's University, Canada, where his efforts to combine the fields of ultrasound and microfabrication began. One spin-off of this work was the discovery of a truly-broadband gas-coupled transducer, a device which would overcome the past limitations in air-coupled ultrasound and open up a wide range of new applications not previously possible. After systematically convincing the scientific community of the many advantages and practical applications for air-coupled ultrasound (see publication list), Dr.Schindel established a state-of-the-art gas-coupled ultrasound facility within the Institute for Aerospace Research at Canada's National Research Council. The purpose of this new facility was to investigate the capabilities of broadband air-coupled technologies for non-contact inspection of aerospace materials and structures. The results were so encouraging that a more directed vehicle was deemed necessary for exploring industrial possibilities in general, and in 1998 Dr. Schindel incorporated MicroAcoustic Instruments Inc. with this intent.

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