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   Custom Transducer Design...

  • no one has more experience than MicroAcoustic in the design and manufacture of broadband gas-coupled transducers
  • if you require a special transducer not present in our current product line, we'd be pleased to consider making it for you
   Research & Feasibility Studies...


  • if you have ideas for a new gas-coupled ultrasound application and want to prove the principle, you can always employ MicroAcoustic's unique skills and facilities via paid research contracts & feasibility studies
  • MicroAcoustic has a well-equipped laboratory customized for air-coupled ultrasound research (complete with high-resolution scanning frame, generalized pulser-receivers, advanced signal-processing algorithms, and a host of specialized air-coupled measurement techniques)
  • all research and feasibility studies are managed directly by the president of MicroAcoustic, who pioneered broadband gas-coupled ultrasound from its infancy and has the highest degree of hands-on experimental experience with gas-transducers & their wide array of new applications


Air-Transducer Field Imaging...

  • if you have a gas-coupled transducer whose radiation profile is unknown, MicroAcoustic can image and characterize its field structure for you under various drive conditions and with very high resolution

  • MicroAcoustic's high-resolution 3-axis scanning frame was especially designed for air-transducer field-imaging, and it provides the micron motion control needed as a result of the small wavelengths of ultrasound in air

  • MicroAcoustic's proprietary scanning receivers (as small as 150µm Ř) allow subtle field characteristics of any gas-coupled transducer to be accurately imaged at frequencies up to ~2MHz (see BAT species pages for some example field images)


  • expert advice can be obtained from MicroAcoustic for the following fields of ultrasound:
    1. gas-coupled ultrasound
    2. non-contact ultrasonic Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), both air-coupled and laser-based   
    3. general ultrasound and NDT
  • all consulting services provided by the president of MicroAcoustic who has more than 18 years experience in ultrasound and NDT related fields

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