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 new  Q-Amp   Transimpedance Preamplifier

Photograph of MicroAcoustic's ultra-low-noise Q-Amp preamplifier.
  • this ultra-low-noise ultra-high-gain pre-amplifier has been specially designed to maximize performance of MicroAcoustic's BAT® transducers



new   BAT-3    Broadband Focussed BAT® Transducer
Photograph of a focussed BAT-3 transducer.
  • this gas-coupled ultrasound sensor is ideal for non-contact surface imaging applications, providing a fixed focal length over a large frequency bandwidth



new   Application Example  
  • Schematic diagram showing the experimental arrangement used for air-coupled surface profilometry by MicroAcoustic's BAT-3 transducer.this application example shows the new reflection-focussed BAT-3 transducer being used for accurate surface imaging of solid surfaces (see example A.1.a)




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