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A wide variety of applications exist in science and industry for BAT transducers. Most remain largely unexplored since the field is relatively new. The examples assembled here serve to show the general capabilities of BAT technologies in actual measurements so that you might better judge what is possible for any particular application of interest.  




Index A: In-Air & Reflection Measurements (in these measurements ultrasound does not cross any gas/solid or gas/liquid interfaces)

  1. pulse-echo surface imaging of solids
    1. using a focussed reflecting lens
    2. using a micromachined Fresnel zone-plate
  2. tomographic imaging in gases
    1. of flow fields
    2. of temperature fields
  3. communication with animals & insects
    1. recording the songs of katydids
    2. recording and mimicking the cries of bats


Index B: Non-contact NDT Measurements (in these measurements, ultrasound is generated and received in solid or liquid materials through an intervening air- or gas-layer)

  1. thru-transmission C-scans of solid material
    1. 16-ply CFRP plate
    2. 50-ply CFRP plate
    3. bond-line thickness measurement in aluminum lap-joints
    4. thermoplastic composite plate
    5. carbon-fibre composite patch on aluminum
    6. Kevlar-fibre composite panel
    7. Nomex-CFRP panel
  2. single-sided C-scans of solid material
    1. bonded riveted aluminum lap-joint






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